vented trampoline pad
8ft TDU Vented Trampoline Pad ***Free Shipping***
April 8, 2021
rectangle trampoline pad
10ft x 6ft TDU Vented Trampoline Pad ***Free Shipping***
April 8, 2021
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11ft x 8ft TDU Vented Trampoline Pad ***Free Shipping***


The safety pads are fixed onto the trampoline with elasticated toggles which pass through eyelets on the underside of the pad and then wrap around the frame.

  • Better bounce – Improves bounce quality on in-ground trampolines
  • Looks great! – Flush to ground design looks great and is easy to mow around
  • Mould resistant – High quality PVC is moisture and mould resistant
  • Extra thick pads – High density foam for safety and performance
  • Keep cool – The airflow keeps the pad cool and prevents it becoming too hot to sit on or use on really sunny days.

11ft x 8ftTrampolines Down Under Vented Trampoline Pads

Designed specifically for in-ground or sunken trampolines, the patented TDU trampoline pads have a series of vented holes to allow air to flow through the pads. This allows for a vastly improved bounce and eliminates that annoying ‘pad slap’ noise.


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Weight 50 oz
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