14ft x 10ft Rectangular InGround Trampoline
14ft Rectangle Trampoline – Capital In-Ground 14ft x 10ft Trampoline Kit – Green
November 15, 2018
11ft x 8ft sunken trampoline
11ft Rectangular Capital In-Ground Trampoline Kit 11ft x 8ft – Green
November 15, 2018
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14ft Rectangle Trampoline – Capital In-Ground 14ft x 10ft Trampoline Kit – Gray


Enjoy our biggest and best-selling rectangular trampoline right at home with our 14ft in-ground trampoline. Capital Play’s 14ft X 10ft in-ground trampoline is a perfect choice for larger families, budding gymnasts, and those who want to exercise in a fun and invigorating way in the convenience of their own yard. In-ground trampolines are safer, enjoyable, and give great bounce; you’ll feel like you’re walking on the moon! Our high-quality in-ground trampoline kit comes with everything you need for easy DIY installation in your backyard. It’s a best-selling favorite!

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14ft Rectangle Trampoline With Optional Enclosure

Give the Gift of Fun with a 14ft In-Ground Rectangle Trampoline

14ft in-ground trampolines are the best for large families and those who have the space on their property. Large in-ground trampolines come with large benefits, specifically safety and convenience, and are much preferred to above-ground trampolines. If you have a big family, frequently host parties for your kids, or just want the trampoline to work with older children, teens, or even adults, then the 14ft in-ground trampoline is for you. Learn tricks, exercise, and have a blast on your very own 14ft rectangle trampoline!

Complete, Quality, and Fun 14ft In-Ground Trampoline

  • A complete kit – Capital play, the manufacture of the 14ft X 10ft In Ground Trampoline Kit comes with the 14 foot trampoline and pads, purpose built in-ground retaining wall (which stops the soil falling back into the hole). Installation is provided with clear instructions and images.
  • Quality bounce – Our 14ft trampoline has an excellent bounce. We only use high quality commercial grade springs and you get the same bounce from an in-ground trampoline as an above ground trampoline.
  • Ultimate Fun – Our 14ft in-ground trampoline has the best bounce for ultimate fun. Users of all ages will enjoy the height they can clear due to the high-quality commercial-grade springs, and they will get the same bounce as they would with an above-ground trampoline. The thrill of bouncing into the air will be sure to get your kids out of the house and exercising day after day.

An Innovative and Safer Trampoline

  • Innovative technology– Our in-ground trampoline kits use special TDU vented pads, which allow the air to escape up between the springs and literally through the safety padding. The vented pads allow air to pass through the actual jump mat itself, therefore removing the issue of resistance against trapped air, giving a quieter and better bounce.
  • Safe and Reliable  Because our 14ft rectangle trampoline sits flush-to-the-ground, it’s much safer and sturdier than above-ground trampolines. Your kids don’t have to try to scramble onto it, there aren’t any ladders, and you don’t have to worry about them falling off from an elevated level. Our 14ft trampoline is also so large that you don’t even need a net, but if you would still prefer one, we offer additional nets that can easily be installed for extra safety.
  • A Trampoline built to last. Our 14ft rectangle trampoline is built to withstand being underground for years and constructed with commercial-grade materials. We use a combination of a heavy-duty galvanized steel framework, longer commercial-grade springs, and a polypropylene jump mat, all of which will keep you and your family will be bouncing for many years.Also, every part of your trampoline comes with a great warranty covering you from 2 to 10 years depending on the part.

Trampoline Installation Guide and Optional Enclosure

  • Easy to install – Our 14ft in-ground rectangle trampoline is easy to install, and the kits contain everything you need. Need additional help with the installation? No worries, we have videos online to help guide you through the whole process. Check out DIY installation.
  • Your net options – The beauty of a rectangular 14ft x 10ft sunken trampoline is that you don’t need a net at all! Nevertheless, we offer a range of trampoline net options, including full, half and quarter nets to suit your family’s needs.

A Complete Kit for Easy Installation

Your Capital Play (the manufacturer) 14ft trampoline will come with everything you need for easy installation. Plus, in-depth instructions and images. If you’d like additional help, we have instructional videos found at DIY installation that are simple to follow along.

Every kit comes equipped with the following:

  1. Galvanized Trampoline Frame
  2. Galvanized Steel Frame
  3. Trampoline Bed
  4. 4mm Purpose-Built Retainer Wall
  5. TDU Vented Safety Pads
  6. Double-Dipped Galvanized Commercial Springs
  7. Great Warranties

The beauty of an in-ground trampoline is that you don’t need a net at all. We offer a range of net options, enclosures include full, half, and quarter nets, to suit your family’s needs.

Plus, our Capital Play trampolines are built to last and are fun. You and your whole family will have a blast with our 14ft rectangle in-ground trampoline. Don’t wait, buy one today!

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