Rectangle Trampolines

Bouncing fun and daily exercise are just some of the great reasons to invest in an in-ground trampoline for your family today. Plus, both round and rectangle in-ground trampolines are safer than traditional above-ground trampolines, are perfect for kids of all ages, and won’t fly off when the wind picks up! So, don’t wait to give them something they and you can use again and again – a rectangle trampoline for your backyard.

Get Your Family a Rectangle Trampoline Today!

With our complete rectangle trampoline kits, you’ll have everything you need to install an in-ground trampoline right in your backyard. Offering everyone who comes to your house,

  • Ultimate Backyard Fun

    Bounce, do tricks, exercise – the possibilities are endless, and with a trampoline, it all becomes so much more fun as you defy gravity and reach heights you never could on flat ground.

  • Friend and Family Activity and Exercise

    Our rectangular in-ground trampolines are ideal for friends and the whole family. The kids can go out to play, and the parents can use their trampoline to keep active. Bounce for fun, try out tricks, or see about combining a fun exercise regimen with the power of an in-ground trampoline.

  • Top Safety Features for Peace of Mind

    Both our in-ground round and rectangle trampolines are made with galvanized steel and commercial-grade springs, along with TDU vented safety pads. Combined with the fact that the trampoline fits snugly into the ground, you’ll have less to worry about than ever before. In-ground quality trampolines, like our rectangle trampoline, are considerably safer (and more fun) than their above-ground counterparts.

Everything You Need to Install Your In-Ground Rectangle Trampoline

Our complete trampoline kit comes with everything you need, from the parts to in-depth instructions. If you need any additional support, you can even access videos online that will help you put your trampoline together in no time.

  • Long-lasting Trampolines. Our trampolines are built to last and are perfect for families to install on their properties.
  • The Trampoline Frame. Each trampoline frame is made of galvanized steel that is supportive and designed to be buried under the ground for many years.
  • The Retainer Wall. Keep the dirt in place with a 4mm thick recycled plastic retainer wall, which is easily attached to the frame for greater support and included with every trampoline purchase.
  • TDU Vented Safety Pads. Ultra-tough PVC foam safety pads are installed to reduce the noise, improve bounce quality, and keep your loved ones safer.
  • Commercial Springs. The commercial-grade 8.5” springs are double-dip galvanized to provide the best bounce without rusting.
  • Warranty for Peace of Mind. All components come with a warranty between 2 to 10 years, depending on the part.

Choose the Right Size for Your Home

When it comes to choosing the right rectangle trampoline for your home, it’s going to depend on a few things:

  • 10ft Rectangle Trampoline
    Our 10ft rectangle trampoline comes in 10ft x 6ft and is suited for small kids, or one older child (max two), or one adult at a time. Exercise and fun guaranteed.
  • 11ft Rectangle Trampoline
    Our 11ft rectangle trampoline comes in 11ft x 8ft and is the perfect mid-range trampoline that is suitable for small families.
  • 14ft Rectangle Trampoline
    For the ultimate backyard experience, invest in our 14ft rectangle trampoline, which is 14ft x 10ft. The whole family can enjoy it, and your children can have friends over and bounce to their heart’s content.

Buy Your Rectangle Trampoline Today!

Get your rectangle trampoline today and enjoy bouncing fun and exhilarating exercise in no time!